The dark web is a branch of the Internet that is not recorded by usual search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You won’t be able to each the dark web through normal web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. For that, you need a specific browser called Tor. All types of facts can be found on the dark web. It is said to be ‘dark’ only because of the restricted accessibility and obscurity that you have to face after using Tor. To know more about the dark web, it is vital to learn that the Internet is comprised of three main parts – the open or surface web, deep web, and dark web.

Youngers gets into dark web to collect information about drugs, illegal stuffs and in search of making money using dark web. It can be also used for good as well.

The Surface Web

Surface Web makes up around 10{c11b4ab6dc2c9e87c276140fc663c87923e2a03a3ad9c27368d6191e0f8759f5} of the Internet and records everything that can be seen through search engines like Google. Websites like Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia all belong to the Surface web.

The Deep Web

Despite the threatening name, the deep web is simply a branch of the Internet that can’t be used without a password or code, etc. This can comprise things like your email account, pages you use for online transactions, company servers, and even blog posts that are saved as drafts in WordPress. The majority portion of the Internet is under the Deep Web.

The Dark Web

This is the division of the web that is only usable via another router like Tor. Sites on the dark web are easily accepted by the ‘onion’ domain name, and they normally include content that users don’t want to be found by Google. This can contain anything from drugs and illegal weapons for sale to inspection conscious blogs or unknown government critics.

How to Access the Dark Web?

If you are willing to get linked with the dark web and how it works? then you need to take measures to be safe and legal. To access the dark web, you have to use an unknown browser Tor. Tor is not like other web browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, which take the straight route from your computer to the web. On the other hand, Tor takes any random route of concealed servers to connect to the web without the threat of being followed. Tor can be installed on all desktops from the Tor site at Once you are done with the installation process, you are ready to visit the dark web, but you should be concerned about your safety first for not getting lost or stuck in the dark web. 

If you are serious enough to use the dark web, then you have to make efforts to increase your secrecy. First, you have to use the Tor browser. But you have to use a VPN to give the proof of entering the Tor network from not your original IP address. Also, make sure to deactivate Flash and turn off Javascript as they both can be used to track your location and device.

Is the Dark Web Illegal?

The dark web is dishonorable for being a site where you can buy illegal or banned goods or services, such as illegal drugs or hackers for hire. For example, The Silk Road was a dark web site well known for the variety of drugs that were available on the site. The website was banned by the FBI in 2013 and the owner of that site Ross Ulbricht was arrested and was sent to jail for a lifetime.

If you are determined to use Tor and the dark web, and then it is your call to be careful of what you access and who you are dealing with. This will keep you safe from accidentally viewing or using illegal content and targeting yourself from the grudge of many law firms.

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