In the 21st century lots of developments and research in science & technology have provoked the world to bring better and better.

So nowadays it’s possible to send more than a million emails per day. How is that possible?…. 

Let’s read the details below to know more

Bunch of mails @ single click

Yes, it is possible with a Bulk email server system that sends millions of emails daily to more people with a single click.

Step 1: Learn to set your own Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Step 2:  Necessity of Web Interface in the bulk emailing process

Step 3:  Balancing Loads and Internet Protocol Cycles

Step 4:  It’s Measurability

Step 5:  Its Function


  • Save your time by easily sending unlimited bulk emails in a day via an SMTP email server.
  • Beneficially, It can be done by existed service providing email server or by creating your own servers for email.
  • Most providers offer email servers on a monthly rental or per-use basis, or per your subscribers, the cost for these services is usually high.
  • For this reason, you can make your own SMTP server that helps you in sending large quantities of emails to your customers. Only you have to proceed with VPS (it costs only a minimal value) the hosting service provider like Godaddy, HostGator, etc.
  • This is the best cost-effective solution for the mail senders who wants to send large quantities of mail in a day.



The web interface is the client user interface that enables to connect of the server through a VPN connection. 

By using a web interface one can achieve multiple inheritances. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook..etc, are the best examples for the Web interfaces. 

One can send lakhs or millions of emails in a single click by just uploading your contact excel sheet. By mastering these interfaces you can send at least 1 lakh emails per day.

Balancing Loads and Internet Protocol Cycles

  • Balancing is very important for sending lakhs of emails per day as it helps in sending bulk emails which may cause problems i.e. server may be stopped or blocked at any time.
  • To avoid such problems, we need to use IP technology i.e, we circulate it in a round robin algorithm (this is the process that is widely used in network communication and in the operating systems for load balancing).

For example, if we send bulk emails continuously, the service provider has a monitoring tool that detects the bulk emails and marks them as spam, and it stops the email activity associated with those IPs.

But with the rotation of IPs, we use each mail one by one for each configured IP. so these bulk emails cannot be detected by monitoring tools as it uses a round-robin process of sending this email. 


Based on email volume sent to customers one can increase or decrease their SMTP server.

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