Email marketing it’s one of the best marketing strategies for all the small businesses and it is cost-effective. So it’s better to select best email marketing platform if you are a small business owners, startups, new bloggers, etc., 

The major thing that is included in the best email marketing platform is that it should hold highly engaging newsletters, user-friendly options and It should not end up with spam folders, and also you can send bulk emails. 

We share some of the best email marketing platforms and it’s key points to find your best marketing platform that are given below 

Constant contact 

  • In email marketing it is the largest and fastest growing platform in the world 
  • User and Beginner friendly 
  • Easy to manage your list of emails, contacts, calendars,etc.,
  • Easy tracking and reporting system
  • With more additional features like customer support, offers, etc., 
  • Begin the best email marketing platform with 60 days free trial.
  • The best email marketing platform for small business, new bloggers, non profit organizations and startups. 


  • In this world, it’s one of the most antique and popular in email marketing platforms.
  • Their tools ready to handle both small and medium-sized businesses for their email marketing
  • It also includes many features like a AMP email, subscribers segmentation, support options, etc., 
  • This email platform provides you with limited free plans for up to 500 subscribers.

Conver kit

  • It is one of the strongest platforms for authors, bloggers and marketers. 
  • User friendly. 
  • They also offer content upgrades and incentives along with their email signup forms. 
  • In this platform you can be more focused on the person who is interested and already purchased your product which is called targeted email marketing.
  • Begin your email marketing with the 14 day free trials.
  • It’s the best platform for professional bloggers and content creators. 


  • It is one of the best SMS and email Marketing software for fastest growing platform in Europe 
  • They have their best email designing tool with its other extraordinary great features. 
  • User-friendly platform with amazing tools and engaging emails.
  • Best delivery options with AI algorithms offering free email marketing plans but having their brandings. 
  • It offers you both free and paid plans 

Get response

  • Get response is the next very popular email marketing platform. 
  • It’s user-friendly and simplifies the risk of small businesses. 
  • Get access to thousands of free stock photos and integrated shutterstock gallery with get response. 
  • It also provides some impressive automated tools, which helps you to create the smart automatic campaigns.
  • This platform also helps to earn good response forms and supports you to learn freely.
  • start your 30-day free trial with get response.

The above best email marketing platforms also have some additional features click on the links for detailed description of each marketing platform. 

Providing some of the additional email marketing platforms that also helps you in your business. 


  • It is the best platform for E-Commerce bloggers and the digital marketers
  • It is offering a wide range of tools for completion of your task easily for example marketing automation sales, sales funnels, etc., 
  • They have added SMS notification in their future plans.


  • It is one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world.
  • This marketing platform offers forever free service plans. 
  • User-friendly 
  • Easy to integrate and trying to add Many advanced features.

These are the best email marketing platforms for 2022. Hope which gives you some ideas to select your marketing platform on your own for your business.

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