Apple iPhone 12 pro has a new attribute for users who are blind or have low vision — the capability to effectively see other people coming. 

The gadgets make use of the new lidar sensor on the back of the phones to sense how close other people are to the user, which Apple has named People Detection. Lidar is a type of intense sensor that helps with improved reality apps and serves as the eyes of self-driving cars. Now, Apple is using it to accessibility in an attempt to help people who have vision problems better understand the world around them.

When someone who is blind is grocery shopping, for example, they’ll be able to activate People Detection on their iPhone 12 Pro to let them know when they need to move forward in the billing counter. Or someone walking down a sidewalk will get warnings about how close other people are as they pass by. People who are blind or have low vision can use this iPhone 12 pro feature to know if a seat is available at a table or on public transport, and they’ll be able to sustain proper social distance when going through health monitoring or security lines at an airport. People Detection will be able to suggest the person’s distance from the user in feet or meters, and it calculates up to 15 feet/5 meters away. Anyone in the iPhone 12 Pro’s wide-angle camera view can be captured by the feature. If there are numerous people nearby, People Detection will provide the distance from the one closest to the iPhone user.

Purpose of Lidar Sensor

The technology makes utilization of the new lidar sensor built into the camera area of the iPhone 12 Pro. The sensor itself is a tiny black dot near the camera lens on the back of the new, iPhones 12 Pro. People Detection does not work on older versions of iPhones like – the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, or even the new iPad Air. None of those gadgets come with lidar scanners, which is necessary for the people sensing technology. 

People Detection uses Apple’s ARKit People Occlusion attribute to identify if someone is in the camera’s field of view and calculate approximately how far away the person is. The lidar scanner makes the calculation more precise. It sends out a short burst of light and estimates how long it takes the light to come back to the lidar scanner. The new Apple iPhone 12 pro features don’t work in dark or low light surroundings. All process of sensing happens in actual time to give feedback on how far away a person is from the user of the iPhone 12 Pro. 

The user of the iPhone 12 Pro gets an opinion from People Detection in four possible ways, and they can be used in any combination. All can be personalized in settings. One way to get facts about a person’s closeness is through an audible readout. The phone will say out loud, “15, 14, 13” and so on, when it comes to counting the distance in feet. It provides a distance in half meters for people who choose that unit of measuring distance. 

Reviews on iPhone 12 Pro

The 12 Pro looks bigger but doesn’t feel like that, mostly because of its virtually unchanged weight. The flat edges make the iPhone 12 Pro a different phone in the hand and we encourage the modification. Apple was able to make a phone like no other in the market – one with flat sides and a fully-flat screen, and it almost feels innovatory after so many years of lightly to despicably curved devices.

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