The development that Instagram has created over the last few years is a sign that this is a platform that is full of budding and marketing opportunities for brands. Over the past few years, thousands of marketers, bloggers, writers, photographers, and brands are using Instagram as a platform for social media marketing. Here are some marketing techniques that will help your business to expand globally.

It will be really amazing if you can bring out your potentials to become a social media influencer.

1. Optimization of Your Instagram Account

If you want your profile to stand out among the crowd of million profiles on Instagram, then make sure you have a convincing bio, excellent profile picture, and a well-linked website that directs to their homepage. Keeping your profile optimized is one of the main factors of social media marketing, as it will help the followers to decide whether to follow you or not. Make sure your bio should be expressive, convincing, and don’t feel restricted to use emojis.

2. Follow Industry Related Accounts

One of the best marketing techniques to expand your brand is that you always have to be aware of the other brands, media companies, or industry people who are already on Instagram for a long time. Follow their accounts and try to be in touch with them by hitting the like button or leaving a comment. As a result, these accounts might follow you back and could get an audience base.

3. Try to Maintain Regularity on Sharing Posts

One of the most common questions asked about Instagram is how often a brand should post. While many brands try to put a figure on it, the reality is that what suits best for one brand does not always work for the other. Make your researches and decide the best frequency for your follower. For social media marketing, one thing you have to keep in mind that you have to be constant with your followers, otherwise they will lose the connectivity.

4. Use #tags in the Comment Section

One of the most underrated activities in the book of social media marketing techniques on Instagram is the use of #tags in the comment section instead of the main post. Rather than filling your posts with a few #tags and giving the insight of reach desperation- comment with the #tags after clicking the share button. The effect is the same except your caption does not look bad as before.

5. Arrange for Instagram Contests

Instagram has the suppleness to let to arrange for a contest on your feed, the benefit of this is that it’s effortless to set up and cheers participation through Instagram. The drawback of contests on Instagram is that it can be quite difficult to test. To avoid that difficulty you can use the link of your profile as a place to send your followers to participate in other contests. Sites like provide an easy to build contest form that will fulfill all your needs for a casual draw with a social sharing module. Arranging for Instagram contests is a good marketing technique as it will draw the attention of more audiences, which will be profitable for you.

6. Build a Bond with Other Influential Accounts

The fastest way to grow your business through social media marketing on Instagram is by involving with those accounts which have already more follower than you, as it will help you to promote your account. If you are capable of creating great content, you don’t need to pay them to give you a shout out. Instead, you might be able to get organic shout outs, if you have been able to build a quality relationship with other influencers.

As Instagram continues to expand as an important player in the social media marketing field, brands are beginning to come into existence. If you have not started yet to explore Instagram, it’s not too late.

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