Don’t you want to know about the web hosting services used by a website? You also need to know about your competitor’s website and who is hosting it.

Here let us see how to find the specific website hosting providers using two methods.

Why should we have to know about who is hosting a website?

  • Each and every website on the internet must require web hosting. It’s like a storeroom, but here all the files are stored online.
  • It’s not just like a domain name, a domain name is a name which mentions the address of a website eg.
  • Finding hosting services for a website its, not a difficult thing because this information is shown in public. Web hosting services behind a website can be found in many scenarios.
  • Actually, if you are creating your website in WordPress, they offer a developer to create your website, in this situation even they forget to tell you about the web host services or you may be lost it. 
  • If you have created a website long term ago there may be a chance to forget your web hosting.
  • You will find more and more websites that work faster and you are interested in learning about their hosting services because you can use it too.

If you are noticing that another website is stealing your content, you can send them a DMCA takedown notice to their host.

Nowadays there are many ways to find web hosting services for a website. Here let us see two quick simple ways to find web hosting providers for a certain website.

First-way #1 By using the WPBeginner Theme Detector Tool

Its is one of the best ways to detect the WordPress theme site and it is also used to find the web hosting providers for a website

Step 1: Just go to the WordPress Theme Detector Tool page and type the domain of a website in the URL

Step 2: Click the‘ Analyze Website’ to proceed.

Within a few seconds, you can able to see complete details about the website which also includes the name of the web hosting services.

If a site is using a website firewall or a CDN service, you may not get the web hosting providers for a website using  WordPress Theme Detector Tool.

These services route all website traffic through their own servers which means all hosting detector tools will show them as the hosting provider.

If you are not getting your answers clearly by theme detector you can use the second way to find the web hosting services for a website.

It will show you a real hosting company behind a particular website.

Next-way #2 By using WHOIS Tools 

It is the another best way to finding a website hosting providers for a website

WHOIS – Its database includes contact and registration information for domain names.

Most domain names online are managed by a global organization called ICANN. They hold a public directory of all website data, including information about where a website can be hosted.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type the domain of a website in the URL for which you have to find a web hosting provider

You can see here a list of information with its domain name

For instance, the host is the DreamHost. To find out which web host the nameserver is associated with, do a Google search for the nameserver.

If a Nameservers can be set up for a CDN such as Cloudflare, you may not always be able to find host information

Other Ways to Find a Website’s Host

These methods will take some more time. Anyway, if you can not find the host using the above quick methods they are worth trying.

For our own website, we can be able to check our billing logs. You may be charged for hosting.

we can also contact the people who set up our website. If we are unable to contact them, check any information they have sent you in the past.

It can be hard to figure out who is hosting someone else’s website.

  • Search for website information about the web host. It may be on the about page of a website or finally in the footer

If you still not getting any information, it’s better to contact the website owner or editor.

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