The simple and Easiest way to Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Why install WordPress locally? Generally, if we want to create a WordPress site, we need to buy a domain and hosting, then start a live website, if you do not want to start a website, you should try and test WordPress when installing your website locally. Files are stored on your computer, which means you’re only going to have access to the best way to learn how to build your websites for free, create your WordPress site locally and move it to a live website if you needed.

Now we are going to install a WordPress locally

It is done by two steps

Step 1

First, we are going to download a software called bitnami  WordPress(this is a software which going to allow us to run software on your computer)

Let us download it 

Go to a browser, search for ‘bitnami WordPress’ press enter

Click the first link and download the bitnami WordPress, after downloading follow the second step.

Step 2

Install the software

So, open the file we downloaded and click OK, then click next until we reach this page (when we enter the login details of the local WordPress site)

Enter your name, email address, username, and password for WordPress, remember to log in to the WordPress site once you click Next and click Finish now that WordPress is installed, then take yourself to the ‘Access WordPress’ page where Word Magazine is installed on your computer, You can now see the Word Press site running on your computer to access your site. You can access Localhost/WordPress at any time in your browser, and now if you want to sign in to your WordPress add the localhost/WordPress/login, which will take you to the WordPress login page, which was provided during installation, and you can start building your website as soon as you log in. 

You can install WordPress locally and start building your website. Once you have finished creating your website you can go to a live website.

Set up a new WordPress on a web host 

So we need a hosting account to get our website directly, which provides space to store our website files on the internet to get your hosting account. Click this link (WordPress hosting with a free domain) will take you to the page where you need to buy hosting

Click Get started 

Choose a domain name for your website (domain name is your website address where people can visit to go to your site)

Choose the best domain name for your application and discover the availability of your domain name

If you find your domain name, select Continue and it will take you to the Cart page, so getting a domain there and hosting these two programs is valid for one year, so to complete the purchase, click ‘Register’, fill in the details, click Create Account and now pay We will add the method, click next for details and now click on the complete payment, we have got a domain and hosting after payment

Next, you need to install WordPress on a hosting account

To install Word, click add which will be displayed after your payment. Then click Start

Now select a domain and click Next, then click Next again Now you need to enter the WordPress username and password

Enter the name and password and click Install

Click Install after installation, and then click No thanks for the notification shown to you, which is ‘Get started quickly with WordPress’ and OK.

Now you can see that WordPress is installed on (it’s our domain name what we have given to our site)

Now your website is live

Then go to the browser and domain name and press Enter, you will see the site work, and it contains the default WordPress content,

Content Bringing the local site live to the website

We are going to do three things to move these

  1. Install a plugin on both our websites
  2. Export the contents of the local site in one file
  3. Bring that file to the live site

Step 1: Install a plugin on both of our websites

First, let us Install the plugin on the local site

Let’s go to the local host dashboard

Go to Plugins

Click Add New

Now look for it ‘all in one’

Then install this plugin

Click Install and Activate

So now the plugin is installed on the local site

Next, We are going to install the same plugin live on the website

So go to’s dashboard, then go to Plugins, add new ones, search for  ‘all in one’ click and click Install,

So now the plugin is installed on both sides. So let’s go

Step 2: Export the Content from Local Site

Exporting local site content

Go to the local host dashboard and search for ‘all in one wp migration’ to export with click

Now click Export to a file, click Download, the content will be downloaded to the file, and then click Close

Step 3: Importing the file to the live website

Let’s go to the live site dashboard then go to ‘all in one wp migration’.

Now click Import and click a file ( choose the file which you have downloaded and click open) 

Now click proceed to start the import

And then click close

And it’s done now all our local site content has been imported into our live website.

Let us check that 

The steps to verify your import are correct

Go to our live website and reload the page

So you can see that all your contents are moved to your live site

So this is how you can move your WordPress site from computer to live website 

If you have to log in to your WordPress site just add login after your site address and press enter.

Now to login in WordPress you should use a local host user name and password 

Then after login now you can makes changes to your website and all the changes will appear on your live website 

This is how you can move WordPress to your local computer to your live website.

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