A cache is a set of cached data that is quickly accessed on request. On computers, the information is usually stored on a hard disk. When it is requested, a computer must run several processes before providing information.

Cache storage solves this problem by storing the requested information in a cache or in memory. It allows computers to access your file quickly.

The same caching concept can be used by WordPress websites to improve performance and load your website faster.

WordPress is one of a dynamic content management system. Each time a user visits your website, it receives information from the WordPress database and then executes several steps before sending the webpage to the user’s browser. 

This will slow down your website load when a lot of users visit it at the same time.

It allows your WordPress site to skip a lot of steps. Your caching plugin creates a copy of the page after the first load, and then delivers that cached version to each subsequent user Instead of going through the entire page generation process each time.

Caching is important

Caching is important because it reduces the load on your WordPress hosting servers and keeps your website running faster. You need to set up the right caching to improve your WordPress speed and performance.

A faster website improves the user experience and encourages users to view more pages. This helps increase the engagement and time users spend on your website.

A faster website helps to drive more traffic to your website from organic search. Google offers a significant SEO advantage for fast websites that help them rank higher in search results.

The best WordPress caching plugins used to speed up your website are as follows

1. WP Rocket

Best WordPress caching plugin on the market. This is an easy and very beginner friendly caching plugin and it is a great help if you do not know the technical terms used for different caching options.

with a single click it allows users to cache their website instantly. Crawler automatically accesses your WordPress pages to create cache. The plugin will automatically enable recommended WordPress caching settings such as GZIP compression, page cache and cache preloading.

WP Rocket also has custom features that you can enable to further enhance performance. Includes lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS prefix, minification and many more.

2. W3 total cache

It is the most popular WordPress caching plugin. This is an extensive WordPress caching plugin with a ton of options that may seem a bit intimidating to beginners.

This includes all the features you need to set up WordPress cache properly. Includes page cache, object cache, zigzag summary, limited mini-support, CDN support and more.

Beginners may find the W3 total cache a bit difficult to use. For detailed setup instructions, see our article on how to install and set up the W3 Total Cache plugin.

3. WP Super Cache

It is another popular WordPress caching plugin. It is free and recommended by many great WordPress hosting companies.

The WP Super Cache plugin has all the recommended caching features you need to speed up your website. It consists of GZIP compression, page cache, cache preloading, CDN support, advanced cache preload and more.

It has an extensive settings section with a separate tab for easy setup. For detailed instructions, see our article on how to install and set up the WP Super Cache plugin.

4. Sucuri Firewall

It is the best WordPress firewall and security plugin. As a website firewall, Sucuri comes with a built-in option to temporarily store your website content and enable GigiP Summary at the click of a button.

Sucuri is a DNS level firewall so it is the best option for any website. This means that they can provide cached content before your users’ request reaches your website. It gives an incredible performance boost to your website.

5. Built-in cache plug-ins from the hosting

Temporary storage can significantly reduce the load on hosting servers. Many managed WordPress hosting companies now offer their own built-in caching solutions only for these reasons.

You can use built-in caching plug-ins for your websites from your website hosted by one of the following hosting companies.

S.G. Super Catcher

It offers a built-in caching solution with all their hosting plans. You can enable this from the cPanel dashboard of your hosting account.

Once enabled, you can install and activate the SG Optimizer plugin to manage SuperCatcher settings directly from your WordPress admin area.

WP Engine Caching

It is one of the best managed WordPress hosting companies. Their hosting plans come with built-in caching and performance enhancement.

From your WordPress admin dashboard manage your settings and clear cache. You can manage WP engine cache settings under the General Settings tab by clicking on the WPEngine menu.

For more advanced caching options, you can install and activate the WP Engine Advanced Cache plugin. The plugin provides some additional controls to manage the WP engine cache settings for your website.

Blue Host Caching

It is one of the largest hosting companies in the world and it is officially recommended by WordPress hosting Provider. Their hosting plans include built-in caching that you can run from your hosting dashboard.

Login hosting account, select your site from the ‘My Sites’ page and click the Performance tab. From here you can enable/disable caching and change other advanced caching settings.

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