The Best Contact Form Plugins in WordPress

To make a easier and more powerful WordPress Forms plugin, WPForms is built by the WPBeginner team with the same goal.
This is a plugin, which is a very beginner friendly WordPress contact form.

Which is the Best WordPress Form Plugin?
It is completely based upon our needs and application purpose. Whereas WPForms is a fast-growing WordPress form plugin also used for other powerful plugins.

Here are the Best five WordPress form plugins

1. WPForms

To make a easier and more powerful WordPress Forms plugin, WPForms is built by the WPBeginner team with the same goal. 
This is a plugin, which is a very beginner friendly WordPress contact form.

Best WordPress Contact Form plugin

Benefits of WPForms

  • Drag and Drop WPForms Creator Online Form, the most user-friendly form plugin for WordPress.
  • In the official WordPress plugin directory, you can get WPForms Lite for free it means you can install  it for free
  • Theses free version with its all basic contact form features includes basic form fields, spam protection captcha, email notifications, and a form confirmation thank you page.
  • You can create any type of forms such as multiple page forms, subscription email forms, payment forms, order forms, and more with its premium version. 
  • WPForms Pro Smart Conditional Logic, file upload, geolocation, signature feature, form dropout, user-submitted content (post-submission), login, and other powerful formats created with user registration for WordPress.
  • View all your form submissions on your WordPress dashboard and receive customized email notifications. You can also set conditional notices so that it can be reached by the right person to notify. 
  • It will helps to improve the completion rate of your forms because they recently announced signature dialog forms for WordPress
  • WPForms interconnects with all popular email marketing services and payment sites such as  PayPal and Stripe. Email support for Guidance and Documentation and Facebook team ready to help when we need it.
  • WPForms used by over 3 million websites and has shown their most loyal follow-up 

Cons of WPForms

  • To unlock more powerful features you need to upgrade to WPForms Pro
  • Due to its user-friendly options, it lacks the sophisticated features provided by some other types of plug-ins.
  • Other than that, it is the best WordPress form developer on the market.
  • Offers a 50{c11b4ab6dc2c9e87c276140fc663c87923e2a03a3ad9c27368d6191e0f8759f5} discount WPForms coupon on the premium version for WPBeginner users

2. Formidable Forms

It is the most advanced WordPress Form plugin in the market. 
Helping developers to develop their complex form-centric solutions Fastly which is its specialization.

Advanced WordPress Form plugin

Benefits of Formidable Forms

  • Formidable is a Builder Form with all-in-one WordPress form that comes with powerful add-ons that go beyond simple contact forms.
  • For creating advanced forms such as quizzes, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, profile forms, and more it’s easy with the customizable drag and drop interface 
  • It allows you to design, filter and display user-submitted data on the front-end of a website because of this reason advanced users love these powerful visualization features. It is used to create directories, task lists, event calendars, management systems, rating systems, and more in form-based solutions.
  • To create powerful order forms, smart calculators like mortgage calculator, car payment calculator, quote calculator and more use its advanced calculation fields 
  • Powerful interconnection with all popular email marketing and payment sites.
  • It also helps you create product forms and WooCommerce product configuration forms that connect directly to your cart by powerful WooCommerce integration.

Cons of Formidable Forms

  • WPForms because they focus on advanced users and developers so advanced Form Builder is not as intuitive as it
  • But it is the most elaborately designed solution in the market. If you are a developer or company that wants to create form-based solutions or data-based web applications, there is nothing close to the forms that can be designed in the marketplace.

3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a paid WordPress Form Builder plugin with a lot of advanced functionality and features. 
They specialize in creating solutions related to complex design by assisting developers.

Paid WordPress Form Builder plugin

Benefits of Gravity Forms

  • For WordPress it has the powerful drag and drop form plugin
  • It used to create surveys, quizzes, user-submitted content and web directories with the help of additional add-ons.
  • It has its premium support options such as frequently asked questions, knowledge base, forums and email support.

Cons of Gravity Forms

  • In Gravity Forms there is no free version, it is slightly more expensive than other WordPress Contact Form plug-ins. The cost should not be high if you use it on multiple sites and projects.

4. Ninja Forms

It is a freemium (offering customers both complementary and extra-cost services) contact form plugin for WordPress. 
With very little effort we are able to create highly interactive forms.

                                                                                    Plugin that creates the WordPress form

Benefits of Ninja Forms

  • You can download and install this on many sites because the basic plugin for Ninja Forms is freely available in the official WordPress repository.
  • It has extended functionalities such as linking to campaign monitors, new books, salesforce, SMS notifications, etc with its premium extensions
  • It also helps you in social support options, documentation, guides and email support.

Cons of Ninja Forms

  • There are no extensions which cost you same as WPForms or powerful forms for buying two or more extensions or a developer bundle

5. Contact Form 7

Free WordPress Contact Form Plugin

WPBeginner does not recommend Contact Form 7, its because this list is not complete without the oldest and most downloaded Contact Form plugin which is available in the official WordPress plugin directory.

Benefits of Contact Form 7

  • It’s important benefit is its price. It is completely free to install, you can install it on many sites.
  • There are many third-party plug-ins that act as Contact Form 7 additional plug-ins. Mostly they are available for free.

Cons of Contact Form 7

  • If you are looking for a free WordPress Form plugin, WPForms Lite, Formidable Forms and Ninja Forms are all significantly better solutions than Contact Form 7.
  • For creating a basic contact form it is a less than average solution for your blog. It is  really very difficult for a beginner.
  • Maybe this is a free plugin, but it has limited support options.
  • It is difficult to find add-ons to extend basic plugin functionality. It has many third-party add-ons, but does not have additional add-ons on the official plugin website.
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