Hi guys! Does one hear about the bounce rate on a website? which plays a major role in gaining traffic to a site and increase your ranking in search engine. Did you ever thought of how to reduce bounce rate to your website?

You should be aware that backlinking your website from another website which is not related to yours as well as giving wrong intention will also trigger bounce rate to be high!

How to decrease bounce rate on website? Initially, what’s meant by bouncing, means when the visitor clicks your page but he doesn’t see anything and leaves the page is termed bouncing.

The word “Bounce

Single page session, if someone viewed our page and goes out of the page within a second (they don’t trigger anything it means they don’t click anything and leaves the page then this session gives a single request to the analytics server). 

(During analytics “bounce” in a session it trigger only a single request to an analytic server when clients leave the page immediately)

A visitor may bounce for several reasons…example., if the contents aren’t relevant, not meeting their expectations…etc.

What is a Bounce rate? 

This is a single-page session but which is divided by all sessions or {c11b4ab6dc2c9e87c276140fc663c87923e2a03a3ad9c27368d6191e0f8759f5} of all sessions on your site but the user visits only a single page which means triggers only a single page then a single request sent to the analytics server.

Bounce rate is calculated by counting no of single-page visits and dividing by total visits.

How to calculate Bounce Rate?

Single page sessions have a duration time… It will be 0 sec if a person does not trigger any other session… if he continues to another page the time will be calculated.

Is it bad?

Based on…. Eg. if the client views your site only on the primary page and leaves it out, & many do this…. Then the bounce rate is not an issue. But when the client is viewing your website completely like login in about page, or contact page. Then high bounce rate is bad

secondly… if we have a blog that is a single-page site or offers another single-page content session then the high bounce rate is perfectly normal.

Considerably: Irrelevant contents. It means there are some mistakes in our landing pages (or) the page doesn’t contain any related content (or), not valuable content that is expected by customers which results in a very high bounce rate.

If your page has high bounce rates? Your page does not have contents like attractive mesmerizing content which might stimulate interest in reading, no valuable contents or not attractive landing pages or no landing pages.

How to Decrease the bounce rate on my website?

There are many ways to decrease your bounce rate, here let me offer you some important things which play a vital role in reducing the bounce rate. Follow the subsequent steps to reduce the bounce rate on your site.

Step 1: Our page visitors whoever may be from child to elder, but we’ve got to satisfy all of them with our valuable contents.

Contents should be clear, interesting, easy to readability and to extend curiosity, they must be easily understood and must be short. Make your content in a valuable way that offers an honest user experience.

Easy reading High-Quality Content with good formatting. Contents should be unique should give a unique user experience.

Remember “Content is the King”

Step 2: Our site should be elegant and the page should be presented in a Good Format ( it should include the present heading, subheading, bullets, highlights, pictures, charts, links, quotes, screenshots…conclusion, etc)

Word press themes mitigate high bounce rate.

Step 3: No popups & popups(sometimes leads to conversion rates). Pop-ups notification which irritates and makes our viewers get irritated, but some pop-ups increase the conversion rates.

Step 4: Google search engine traffic needs a Good User Experience, engaging users leads to reduce bounce rate. Offer free trials to keep your visitors engaged eg…. Like canva web app. 

Step 5: About us should be like Branded Storytelling (remember how people read a page (they just scan a page initially) if something interesting they will read deeply… Feel like a user starts reading your contents…

Step 6: Content should be in clarity, Build Trust on your page. It may be a viewer/reader… Or someone if they like your page they will respond to all your activities like offers etc.

“Make your customer hero in your story.

Step 7: Speed your page loading time. Assure your page is loaded fast without any errors on the page. Make your page load within fractions of seconds.

Step 8: Keep your blog fresh with the Right Content (it should give them the correct result what they are expecting).

Updation in your site may Repeat visitors… they believe and trust your contents

Good bounce not based on a person to buy or not… it gives good readers and assures he will return again.

Step 9:  Informational and commercial Keywords. Make use of keywords with content strategy to attract the right visitors and earn credibility. Make your site mobile friendly….

These are all the important steps to follow for reducing the bounce rate. 


Additionally, Attractive meta description, Multiple landing pages with high volume keywords, removing unwanted plugins, adding links, relevant content, and building trust in your site, and giving user-friendly access will reduce your bouncing time.  Additionally I can help with you some of other useful articles 🙂

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