We have known that the three Core web vitals such as LCP, FID – First Input Delay and CLS. 

Lastly we have discussed LCP which measures the loading performance. But here it measures the interactivity.

Let us see about FID in detail. 

First input delay, what is meant by first input delay?

Shortly, It measures the interactivity of the user or viewer or a reader. 

In detail, First Input Delay is a metric that measures the time taken to attract the user initially and how long it engages the customers with the interaction.

Important thing is to know how to reduce first input delay and give a good User experience by its speed and responsiveness. The immediate response will give us their good interactivity.

What is a good FID score?

Good FID score is nothing but it’s a good User experience on a site which interacts with them for a long time. It means this site should strive to have a first input of 100 ms less than it.

How to reduce FID?

Find the errors which decrease your responsive rate and interactiveness by using the tools given below, by correcting the errors you can reduce the FID score.

Tips to reduce your FID score which gives you good FID score 

  • Give a  clear code profiling 
  • By avoiding unnecessary datas in your site
  • Optimize your internal linking
  • Remove the unwanted files that reducing the responsiveness of the page

The activities which tend to increase the responsiveness and interactivity results in decreasing your FID score which gives an awesome page user experience.

How does Google show your FID score?

  • 75 percent of the good User experience on your site will decrease your FID score leads to increase the interactivity. That means your site will be more responsive and highly interactive. 

What is the difference between high and low FID score? For good user experience FID score should be high or low. 

High First Input Delay(FID) score says that your site response rate is very low, that is, the low response means only a few people come and see the site during the time results there is no interaction takes place or less interactions. At that time your first input delay score will be more than 300ms.

Between 100ms to 300ms needs improvement. 

Good First Input Delay(FID) score means low score it means your site is more responsive and highly interacted. The time will be 100ms or less than that. 

Note: For good user experience FID score should be low. i. e it should be equal to or less than 100ms. 

What is the primary cause for high FID score?

The primary cause of High FID score is heavy JavaScript execution the browser cannot respond to user instructions that results in poor user experience affects the FID score. 

Some of sites to check your First Input Delay(FID) score


Page speed insight

Click the above links to analyse your site and run an audit to get the finalized reports. Improve your site to reach a good FID score.

Hope this article helped you to know about FID score. For any queries feel free to contact us.

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