Azure is a flexible and open source cloud platform that facilitates development, service hosting, service management and data storage. Azure Cloud Computing Tool provides Internet applications on the Internet with the help of Microsoft Data Centers.


Aws stands for Amazon Web Services. It is a widely used secure cloud services platform providing computing power, content delivery, database storage, and other functionalities to help businesses development.

Differences between both Azure and AWS

Azure better supports hybrid cloud even though Both Azure and AWS support hybrid cloud

Azure provides Express routes, AWS provides direct connectivity.

Azure provides security by granting permissions to the entire account, while AWS security is provided using limited roles with permission control features.

Azure machines are integrated into the cloud service and respond to the same domain name with different ports, while the AWS machine can be accessed individually.

Azure has a virtual network cloud, while AWS has a virtual private cloud.

Azure has 140 availability zones and AWS 61 availability zones.

Comparison of Azure and AWS

1.Year of Launching20062010
2.Market shareGlobal computing market with its share 31{c11b4ab6dc2c9e87c276140fc663c87923e2a03a3ad9c27368d6191e0f8759f5}worldwide market with its share 11{c11b4ab6dc2c9e87c276140fc663c87923e2a03a3ad9c27368d6191e0f8759f5}
3.Zone AvailabilityAvailable in 61 ZonesAvailable in 140 Zones
4.Services for storageS3, Buckets, EBS, SDB, domains, user friendly, SQS, CloudFront, AWS Import/ExportStorage Blob, Containers, Azure Drive, Storage Table, Tables, Storage Stats
5.Service DatabasesMySQL, Oracle and DynamoDBMS SQL and SQL Sync
6.Service DevelopmentsAmazon Web Services, Amazon Machine Instance (AMI), Traditional Deployment Models, Fine-grained updates, Elastic Beanstalk and Cloud FormationUpload Cspkg (Fancy Zip File) Bubble Storage via Portal or API Course Updates “Click to Size.” More magic
7.Networking ServicesIP/Elastic IP/ELB, Virtual Private Cloud, Route 53, ELB, heavily configurable FirewallAutomatic IP assignment, Load-balancing, Azure Connect, Balancing, defined Endpoints in csdef/cscfg
8.PricePer hour- rounded upOn-demand reserved spot
9.CustomersAdobe, Airbnb, Expedia, Yelp, Nokia, Netflix, Novartis.Pearson, 3M, Towers Watson, NBC, Essar, Serko, etc.
10.Type of CloudVPC – Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Network
11.ConnectionDirect ConnectExpress Route
12.Government CloudEdge as far as government cloud offeringsLimited reach for government cloud offerings
13.Hybrid cloud SupportDoes not provide excellent hybrid cloud supportWith Hybrid Cloud, companies can integrate onsite servers with cloud events.
14.Big Data SupportEPS storage is great for handling large data.There are many issues with standard storage for large data, so you need premium storage.
15.Machine accessThe AWS machine can be accessed individuallyMachines are integrated into the cloud service and respond to the same domain name with different ports
Key featuresZero setups, Detail Monitoring, Auto-scaling groups.Startup friendly, High performance, Low cost.
Long term actionAllows long-term data archiving and retrieval.It does not provide any long term data archiving and recovery option.
SecuritySecurity is provided using limited roles with a permit control feature.Provides security by granting permissions to the entire account.

Benefits of AWS

Here are the notable benefits of accepting AWS Cloud Services

As your company necessity Compute Cloud allows you to increase or decrease storage 

AWS allows you to select an operating system, programming language, and database based on your wish.

Providing extensive and in-depth services 

Strong partner ecosystem

Trusted by high-end customers

High transfer stability

during server and storage transfers lost its Minimal information 

Provides additional data centers for availability and minimum latency

Better DevOps support

Simple licensing system

Bl and analytics with its Strong support

Benefits of Azure

Here are some key benefits of using Azure Cloud Services

Ability to develop, maintain and deploy applications for developers and users

Fully scalable cloud computing platform provides open access to multiple languages, structures and tools

Providing total support for Microsoft legacy applications

Organizational needs with its Great awareness 

In many cases easy one click migration 

Transferring on-frame licenses to the cloud

Providing Support for mixed Linux / Windows environments

Provides an inbuilt tool such as Azure Stack to assist the company in providing Azure service from own data center

Detriment of AWS

Here there are some drawbacks of Amazon Web Services

Low hybrid- cloud friendly

The AWS elastic load balance is not fitted to handle multiple requests received by the recipient

AWS has no customer support, so it is best suited for those companies with a technically interested consumer group and their in-house technical support team.

The number of options provided by AWS is confusing for those who don’t speak the language of technology.

Weak hybrid strategy with incompatibility

AWS is a low open private cloud. This makes it an unpopular savings option for important businesses like banking

There are many products in AWS, which makes the selection process very difficult

Detriment of Azure

Key Disadvantages of Azure Cloud Services:

Data is provided globally , Customer service is not transparent. So, if you have restrictions in data, it should be stored in a particular country, at the time you should check/specify with Microsoft

They are full of flaws. To fix these errors, you have to spend some additional money

non-Windows server platforms has Low flexibility when compared to AWS


Microsoft Azure has increased its market share over the past two years, but not to the extent that there will be at least one real competition between the two companies in the future.

In addition, both companies are introducing new products, new integrations and new pricing structures. So, the final choice depends on the needs of your company.

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