Do you want to move your live WordPress website from your computer to a local server?

Easily learn WordPress and test things by just installing a WordPress site on your computer. This helps you by allowing you to verify the same data from your live site when you move a live WordPress site to the local server.

Why and who wants to move a live WordPress site to a local server?

If you’ve been running a WordPress website for some time, you are interested to try a new theme or a plugin. By trying this on a live website may cause a bad user experience for your users.

For avoiding these, many users like us who are interested in applying new themes create a copy of their WordPress website on a local server to test new themes, plug-ins, or upgrades.

It allows users to set their theme with valuable content and test all the features without causing any breaking your site. Many of them copy their site to a local server and practice their WordPress and they follow their encryption capabilities with real site data.

Maybe you can do the testing with fake content in WordPress, you will get the best visual representation only in real site data of how these changes appear on your live site.

Preparing to move the local site to the local server

In beginning, make sure about your backup WordPress website. You can use many great WordPress backup plugins.

Next, you have to install the local server surroundings on your computer. You can also use the WAMP server for Windows and MAMP for Mac. Once you have set up your surroundings, you have to create a new database using phpMyAdmin.

Please visit the following URL in your browser to start PhpMyAdmin.

http: // localhost / phpmyadmin /

http: // localhost: 8080 / phpmyadmin /

From here you have to click on the ‘Databases’ tab and create a new database. For opening your live site data you should need this database.

Finally its ready to move your live WordPress site to the local server.

Easily move your live server site to the local server using the plugin

This method is easy and recommended for all users.

Step 1: Install and activate the Duplicator plugin (The duplicator which allows you to create the duplicate package of your entire website easily. It also allows you to move your WordPress site to the new location and also used it as a backup plugin).

Step 2: Once activated, the plugin additionally adds a new “Duplicator” menu item to your WordPress admin sidebar. Clicking on it will take you to the plugin packages screen.

Step 3: To create a new package, you must click the Create New Package button. The copy package wizard will start and you have to click the Next button to continue.

Step 4: Duplicator creates your website package now.

Step 5: After completion, you can see an archive zip file containing your website data and the installer file. You have to download both the files to your computer.

Now you are ready to open and install these files on your local server.

First thing, you have to create a new folder on the root folder of your local server. This is the folder where your local server stores all the websites.

For example, if you use MAMP, it is / Applications / MAMP / htdocs / folder. Alternatively, if you are using WAMP, it will be the C: \ wamp \ www \ folder.

You can create a new folder inside this folder for each new website you want to import or create on your local server.

Next, open the folder which you have created for your local website and copy and paste both the archive zip file and the installer script you downloaded earlier.

For running the installation, you have to open the installer.php script in your web browser.

For example, if you paste both files into / mylocalsite / folder, you can access them in your browser by visiting http: //localhost/mylocalsite/installer.php.

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