Everyone is familiar with the.COM domain extension which represents companies or business enterprises and it is the most affiliated TLD (top-level domain) on the internet. Another well-known domain in our country is.CA, the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), which represents Canada. Other than this two.ORG, .NET, .MOBI, .TV, .TEL, .BIZ is some other domain extension that is used globally. There are more than 280 different domains all over the world. Every domain extension has different meanings so it is vital for small businesses to choose the right option of the domain that can help in developing and marketing their brand in the online market.
The most famous domain extensions all over the world ranked by number of total registrations are –

  1. .COM (particularly for commerce)
    2..DE (Germany)
  2. .NET (initially it was used for the network but later most of the businesses secure their site with .com)
  3. .CN (China)
  4. .UK (United Kingdom)
  5. .ORG (initially it was used for an organization but later most of the businesses secure their site with .com)
    7..INFO (initially it was used for INFORMATION but later most of the businesses secure their site with .com)
  6. NL (Netherlands)
  7. .EU (European Union)
  8. .RU (Russia)
    Domain names are mainly classified into two groups – gTLDs or “generic Top-Level Domains” which are either sponsored by reputed companies or limited by types of registrants, and ccTLDs or “country code Top Level Domains” which symbolizes a specific country.
    The recent 20 gTLDs all over the world are as follows –
  9. .aero (for air transport industry)
  10. .asia (Asian Pacific Region)
  11. .biz (for all-purpose businesses)
  12. .cat (Catalan Linguistic and Cultural Community)
  13. .com (for all-purpose commerce)
  14. .coop (for cooperatives)
  15. .edu (for post-secondary educational institutions)
  16. .gov (for the government of US)
  17. .info (for all-purpose informational sites)
  18. .int (treaty based international organizations)
  19. .jobs (employment-related sites)
  20. .mil (military of United States)
  21. .mobi (for mobile uses)
  22. .museum (for museums)
  23. .name (for individual purpose)
  24. .net (for all-purpose networks)
  25. .org (for all-purpose organizations)
  26. .pro (for professional like lawyer or doctor)
  27. .tel (online contact information; online business card)
  28. .travel (for travel and tourism industry)
    CA is the most vital ccTLD for Canadian businesses. An individual or any company needs to meet the requirements of Canadian Presence Requirements to get registered under .CA. Other than.CA there are 252 ccTLDs all over the world. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority ccTLD database has given a complete list of the country code top-level domains and they are –
  29. .CO (originally belong to Columbia but then it is used globally for terms like “company”, “corporation”, and “commerce”)
  30. .TV (initially made for Tuvalu but then marked as “television”)
    3..FM (at starting it was only for the Federated States of Micronesia then used as “radio”)
  31. .LY (originally belong to Libya but later used for famous URL shortens like bit.ly or ow.ly)
  32. .WS (initially made for Western Samoa but later marked as “.website”)
  33. .ME (at starting it was for Montenegro but then marked for individuals)
    7..CC (originally was made for Cocos Islands but then used by “commercial companies”, “community colleges”,” creative commons” and many more)
    Now when you have complete knowledge about the different domain extensions with meanings and for what purpose they are using then you can choose your domain wisely. For further information, you can register yourself as a new domain and create a domain portfolio online. We hope that with the help of these different domain names it will be easy for you to pick the correct one.
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