Here’s how to add Google Analytics to WordPress with the help of Plugins

Step 1: Google Sign in

To get started, sign in or sign up for the Google Account you want to use for your analytics.

Do this by going to the Google Analytics website and clicking Sign in to Analytics or launch the free button in the top right corner of the page.

Now, create a new Google Account or sign in to your account and do whatever you want.

Step 2: Sign Up For Google Analytics

You will be redirected to the Google Account Homepage when you sign in with your Google Account. Click here to go to your Google Analytics homepage or go to the previous window and Click the Start button for free again.

Click for free setup.

you have to enter the settings for the site which you want to track

Then, Name your account 

Next, scroll down to customize your data sharing settings. When you are done selecting the options you like or dislike, click Next.

Select ‘Web’ On the next page, it is going to ask you what you want to measure.

Scroll down and click Next.

Click Create after continuing to fill your website details, including the website name, URL, type and reporting time zone.

Review the Google Analytics Terms of Service which will ask you on the next page. If you agree, click on both checkboxes and click I accept.

. Now you have registered with your google analytics, get ready to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Step 3: Set Up MonsterInsights

For an advanced setup of Google Analytics, you must enter your Google Analytics tracking code in the code of your WordPress website.

You don’t have to worry about any confusing codes in MonsterInsights

First, you must log in to your Monster Insights account and download the .zip file

Then, go to the dashboard of your WordPress site. Go to Plugins Add New, then click the Upload Plugin button.

Next, click the Select File button to select your zip file, or drag just it. Click the Install button to upload the .zip file. Now the MonsterInsights plugin on your website will start its installation.

 click the Activate Plugin button When the plugin has finished uploading and installing.

Once your plugin is activated, a setup wizard will appear to help you to guide through the process step by step.

The first screen will ask you to select the type that is compatible with your website. Select yours and click the Save and Continue button.

The MonsterInsights plugin will ask for a second screen to link to your WordPress website by providing your MonsterInsights license key. You can find this key in the account section of the MonsterInsights website and also in the email receipt.

Enter the Continue key and click the Connect MonsterInsights button.

It will ask you to select a Google Account to link to your Monster Insights account. You must select the account you used to set up your Google Analytics account.

Now, let MonsterInsights do some of the things you need to do with your Google Analytics. Click  Allow to continue.

Next screen, Select a profile to complete the link. If more than one website is linked to your Google Analytics account, select the appropriate website. Select the option that says the name of the website and all the website data. Then, click the Complete Connect button.

Next, the authentication process will be finalized and you will be taken back to the setup wizard that is your Recommended Settings page

you will find these settings at the top of the page

Enable default option for both event tracking and enhanced link attribution

File Download Tracking its most commonly used file types (doc, pdf, ppt, zip, xls, docx, pptx, xlsx) are already included by default.

Scroll down for more settings.

It includes

In Link Tracking it is default with two link tracks and it is easy to set up WordPress link tracking.

Access to MonsterInsight Reports for MonsterInsight reports you are able to choose the viewer who has to see your reports.

Auto-plug-in updates its wish to enable or disable this option to automatically install updates.

Configure these suggested settings the way you want, then click the Save and Continue button.

Next, the setup wizard will suggest installing some add-ons.

You need to install two add-ons here

MonsterInsight Forms 

Track your views, conversions and submissions. Works well with WPForms, including when used with a simple contact form, multi-step form or an order form.

Monster Insights Page Intelligence 

Track measurements for individual posts and pages on your dashboard.

Click the Save and Continue button.

If you have not WPForms installed, the next screen will ask you to install it. Setting this up here is a great idea because WPForms is the best contact form plugin and can help maximize your form conversations.

Click the Continue & Install WPForms 

After that, you can see a new screen with ‘Fantastic, you are all set!’ message. This confirms the setup process is completed and successfully installed Google Analytics on your WordPress website.

lets you know a few things so that’s why this screen is important 

You have to wait anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours to see the website reports.

If you are using a caching plugin or your hosting service provider, you will see a notification to clear your cache. You may miss this message.

You need to subscribe to the blog to keep up to date with everything that happens with MonsterInsights and get tips for developing your site.

Click the Setup and Exit wizard.

By using MonsterInsights you have successfully added your Google Analytics to WordPress.

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